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What are Progressive Jackpots

What are Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot casino games require the correct combination to win. Progressive jackpots grow as more players play them. Every time a player plays the progressive jackpot, some of the buy-in goes into the jackpot. A lucky player who strikes jackpot wins all the money they’ve accumulated. Many progressive jackpots reset to a certain amount after a lucky player wins.

Highlights of Progressive Jackpot

  • Progressive jackpot games can be found in table games
  • Hitting the jackpot wins the player a very huge sum of money
  • It can be found in Land Casinos and online gambling Casinos
  • The most common types of progressive jackpots are on slot machines

Table of Content: What You Will Learn

  1. Types of Progressive Jackpots
  2. So how does the Progressive Jackpot work?
  3. Games that have Progressive Jackpots
  4. Common Online Progressive Jackpots
  5. Common Land Prospective Jackpots
  6. How Do You Win a Progressive Jackpot?
  7. What’s the Difference between a Progressive and Unprogressive Jackpot?
  8. Where to Find Progressive Slots
  9. Conclusion

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Types of Progressive Jackpots

There are mostly 3 variations of Progressive jackpot machines. They are:

Stand-Alone progressive jackpots machine

These are currently not linked to any online Casinos. The Progressive Jackpot for Stand-Alone slots is lower than the progressive jackpots that are linked to other online casinos and jackpots.

In-House Progressive jackpot machine

Here, some slots are connected together to create much larger jackpots by each one adding to the main jackpot.

Wide Range Progressive jackpots machine

These are connected together from various online casinos and they have the largest jackpot because of the number of players that play. So how does the Progressive Jackpot work? The Progressive jackpot accumulates overtime until a player wins, after which it just resets to the minimal level and begin to accumulate again.

They build by taking a percentage of all bets made on the game the progressive jackpot is linked with and thereafter adding it to the jackpot amount. To explain further, we would present a precise representation of the way it works. Let’s use a slot machine with a linked progressive jackpot slot.

  • The slot machine takes 10% of every wager played and puts it in the progressive jackpot amount
  • The jackpot then resets to $100,000 immediately the jackpot has been won
  • The accumulation coming from the overall progressive jackpot is what contributes to the reset amount.
  • 1% of the amount funds the next reset amount while 9% flows into the progressive amount until it reaches$100,000
  • Once it reaches $100,000, the rest (10%)is put into the accumulating jackpot amount.
  • The progressive jackpot just continues growing.

If you play for $2.50 a spin,.25 of each spin goes to the progressive jackpot and the rest is treated like a regular slot machine.

Second amount is machine profit. Casinos do not usually take a portion of the jackpot. Progressive jackpots benefit casinos from persistent gamblers. When the progressive jackpot rises and players grow, the media notices.

The $4.25 profit comes from the second sum. If the machine pays 90% over time, the Casino makes 42.5 cents every bet. A $4.50 progressive slot machine wager is analysed below.


              The Total  Wager                 Amount:  $2.50
 Contribution of Progressive Jackpot                                   $0.25
  Amount paid out to players Average over time                                   $2.025
  Casino Profit Average over time                                   $0. 225


Games that have Progressive Jackpots

Most progressive jackpot games are slot machines. New slots with multiple paylines and bonus rounds have progressive jackpots.

Reel, table, and video poker machines have them. Regular video poker players say the progressive paytable is often worse than the non-progressive, so compare the paytables before gambling. You could still play the progressive because it could climb so high and get money.

Roulette, Let-it-ride, and others have progressive jackpots. Most progressive jackpot table games have side bets.

Common Online Progressive Jackpots

  • Mega Moolah slot
  • Mega Jackpot slot game
  • Queen of the Pyramids slot
  • Stars and Triples slot
  • Winner Casino slot
  • Ruby slot Casino
  • Sloto Cash Casino slot
  • Slots Million slot
  • Omni slot
  • Spartan slots
  • Silver Oak Casino slot
  • 888 Casino slot
  • Eurogrand Casino slot

(Guinness World Record recognized Mega Moolah slots machine for paying out the highest jackpot, 17,880,900 Euros.) Common Land Prospective Jackpots

  • Megabucks slot
  • Monopoly money slot
  • Powerbucks slot game
  • Wheel of Fortune slot

How Do You Win a Progressive Jackpot?

Try Playing Within Your Budget

Spins must qualify for maximum prise. Check setup prerequisites. If you don’t check the setup, you could win but get a little jackpot. Before playing a full jackpot session, check the paytable and rules to discover how much money and coins you’re willing to bet. Despite low odds, some machines accept minor jackpot bets.

Others want a specified bet value or whole set of coins to win the prise. To conclude, pick your favourite progressive jackpot games, set a budget, and plan when and how many spins to play before playing.

Look for a Jackpot that is Huge

Time and volume affect jackpot size. These might generate massive jackpots. As it gains popularity and money, regular and non-regular players spin it more. Big shots play machines now. However, you should examine other jackpots and play the game with the best prise pools weekly.

Play Jackpots that are way Overdue

A random number generator ensures a spin on a progressive jackpot has equal odds of winning, but the prise size may vary. The longer a progressive jackpot goes unclaimed, the better the odds of winning. Overdue jackpots often provide huge profits. To win big, aim for jackpots that are above normal.

Take Advantage of Bonus Promotions

A great number of online gambling casinos provide these promotions that allow users to play progressive jackpot slots for free. Make sure you take advantage on these bonuses to gain potential profit. These promotions are often Welcome offers and reload bonuses, however, they may require deposits before you could have a free spin. That’s why it is advisable to look out for good progressive slots before registering.

Watch the Withdrawal Limits

Online Casinos have cash out winning limits that enable players to withdraw only a specific maximum amount of money per month. Withdrawal limits are mostly based on the particular payment method used. Make sure you check the cashier section to determine whether you have a payment method that favors a complete withdrawal of winnings from a progressive jackpot if you win.

If your withdrawal limits are very low, you might be unable to withdraw for quite a while.

What’s the Difference between a Progressive and Unprogressive Jackpot?

Progressive jackpots build up in money over a period of time as opposed to unprogressive jackpots which simply give a fixed jackpot amount. Progressive jackpot wins are very difficult to hit, but when they do, they hit very big.

Where to Find Progressive Slots

You can find genuine online Casinos to register and hit big. At our online casino comparison, we carefully cater to your needs, we have provided free winning tips and guidelines on gambling to help you choose the most suitable casinos to bet on. Just log in to research in depth, the world of betting, we also make it our duty to inform you of the biggest casino bonuses and promotions around. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service agents who are on standby to render any help you need. Remember to Sign Up for free and Win big!


Progressive jackpots are rare. However, they can change your life with huge payouts. Play when it’s late because the payment can reach millions. Never won?

To practise for the real thing, play free social casino jackpot games like slots, poker, and others. Play till you win and follow your intuition—most successful gamers say they hit big on intuition.

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