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Sparkling Roses Slot Review

Sparkling Roses Slot Review

Sparkling Roses Slot Review: Roses are some of the most beautiful objects in the world, and a symbol of love and excitement for all. And players of the Sparkling Roses slot can fall in love with all of the opportunities that they have to cash in big with this Konami video slot. With 30 fixed paylines and plenty of chances to bet both big and small, this title from one of the big names in the gaming industry is one that has the opportunity to impress players who will hope to find as many roses as possible along the way.

In this Sparking Roses slot review, players can find out exactly what to expect from this five reel game and what each symbol can lead to along the way. Also, there is the opportunity to find out what special features are out there and what kinds of bets can be made throughout, as the chance to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars lurks out there.

Table of Content: What You Will Learn

  1. How to play the Sparkling Roses Slot
  2. How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings
  3. Sparking Roses mobile: Playing on Android & iPhone
  4. Konami: They know games
  5. FAQ
  6. Conclusion

How to play the Sparkling Roses Slot

Knowing the symbols and paytable: Easy to comprehend

There aren’t too many symbols to understand when it comes to the Sparkling Roses slot machine. One of the reasons for this is the fact that there are so many card value symbols that water down the amount of items that are in play at any given time. But this can work out to the advantage of players as they don’t have to rack their brains to understand what is happening in this slots title. Here is a rundown of the items that can be had when playing the reels in this slots title.

  • Wild symbol
  • Rose – scatter
  • Woman
  • Money
  • Perfume
  • Key
  • Card value symbols

The fact that there are as many card value symbols as there are other kinds of items is unfortunate, especially for players who like to immerse themselves in the artwork of their favorite casino games. But the other items that are up for grabs offer more lucrative benefits than the filler symbols that take up so much of this slots title. The stars of this slots title are the wild and scatter items that offer most of the real action that makes this game interesting and lead to the highest payouts.

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Using the paylines: Fixed and fashionable

As far as how to win the Sparkling Roses slot is concerned, the payline setup that makes up the bulk of this slots title is the engine behind it. This online slots title contains 30 paylines, with those paylines being fixed. That means that players cannot adjust the number of paylines that can be used for a given spin. That makes things simpler for players who want to maintain the same number of paylines on a regular basis, but how effective that payline model is for individual players can vary. The 30 payline total is a solid number for a standard five payline game, though.

Special features: Those are waiting for you!

When playing the Sparkling Roses slot machine, there are some special features that should be looked for. The most notable of these is the presence of the Sparkling Roses scatter symbol. This comes in the form of a rose, with three or more of those roses yielding bonus free spins to players. There are as many as 20 bonus free spins that can be had through this item, which can build up winning combinations in a major way as that many spins frequently lead to good things.

Another key feature worth looking out for the is the presence of a multiplier on some symbols throughout this title. Instead of some of the less special items being left to their own devices and not adding any value, these symbols occasionally show up with a 2x or more sitting on top of those items. This can really ratchet up the payouts for those paylines that are impacted by the multiplier and have a big money impact on a player’s bankroll as a whole. While there aren’t a ton of special features to be had here, there are enough to keep things new and interesting and from being completely formulaic.

  • 5 reels
  • 30 fixed paylines
  • Free spins possible for players
  • Over $300’000 max payout

How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings

There are several different sized bets that players can make when they take on this title, with wagers from $0.45 to $56.25 per spin available to be made. These can be decided by picking a number of coins per bet in addition to adjusting the coin’s value before each spin.

If a player can earn a Sparkling Roses multiplier blast and win the max value possible from the game, they would win a total of $324’730. Given the relatively low max bet in this title, that is a tremendous max win amount up for grabs.

In terms of wins that are possible from special features, the maximums for those depend on the outcomes of bonus free spins, along with what symbols show up alongside wilds and any other items of interest along the way.

And as far as consistency is concerned, the amount that can be wagered and won in this title does not change from online casino to online casino. This is something that should come as great news to those who like to take on the reels at different online casinos, as consistency in bet sizes and win amounts is paramount to having the best possible time.

Sparking Roses mobile: Playing on Android & iPhone

When seeking Sparkling Roses slot wins, players should be happy to know that they are not confined to a place where they can use their computer. This is because those same people are free to take this machine with them on the go thanks to the availability of slots on mobile devices such as Android and iPhones. The evolution of the slots industry to make these titles more portable was massively important given how in-demand the action was away from home. And the developer for this machine has made it possible to play on the go as well.

In terms of accessing these casino offerings on a mobile device, new players are often given two main options. The first option is to use a mobile web browser to access a mobile casino website. This is typically the most common option, as many casinos in this day and age don’t offer their own standalone app. However, the ones that do have their own app present the second option to new players who are able to download said app to play this machine that way instead. No matter which way is chosen, Sparking Roses should be there.

Konami: They know games

One thing that a lot of new and experienced players want from their slot developer is the knowledge that they offer titles that are going to be fun. In the case of Sparkling Roses developer Konami, there is no doubt that they offer titles that are incredibly fun. That is because they know the world of gaming inside and out thanks to their experience as a video games publisher as well as a slot developer. They are anything but new in the world of gaming. Makers of some of the most popular home video games and public arcade games around, this manufacturer knows how to elicit fun out of its customers.

In terms of their offerings in this industry, there are plenty to point to as success stories. Titles such as Chili Chili Fire, Double Diamond, Cleopatra, and Lotus Land are all quality options and showcase the versatility of this developer. Their ability to produce games with decent graphics across several concepts with varying stake levels and potentially life-changing top prizes speaks to just how exciting Konami slots can be. And the fact that most of their games are structured so similarly and they are still fun only reinforces the work that this game maker has done to draw the positive feedback that they have.

FAQ – Sparkling Roses Slot Review

Most common questions to Sparkling Roses

 What is the maximum winning of Sparkling Roses?

The most that can be won at one time in this title is a massive $324’730. Given that the max bet for this offering is just over $50, that would be quite the return on investment to come away with hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single spin.

 How many paylines does Sparkling Roses have?

There are a total of 30 paylines that are up for grabs when it comes to this title. The amount of paylines per spin is fixed, which means that players are not free to adjust the amount that are in play at a given time. Instead, they can only change how much is wagered per spin.

 Is it safe to play Sparkling Roses?

To make a long story short, yes, it is safe to play this title. It comes from a respected developer in Konami, who makes games that are trusted around the world for being safe to participate in.

 What is the Sparkling Roses RTP?

The Sparkling Roses RTP percentage stands at a respectable 95.92%.

 Can I play Sparkling Roses on mobile?

Yes, Sparkling Roses is available to be played on mobile devices such as those from Android and iPhone. Players should just make sure that their preferred online casino offers such action on their device.


Whether someone is participating in this title for real money or just playing the Sparkling Roses free slot, chances are that they are having a good time doing so. As their anticipation builds to see as many rose symbols as possible, other features make this offering one that is worth going back to time and time again. Players should be sure to check this machine out at the casino of their choice to get off on the right foot at any site they utilize. Don’t miss out, check out the above casinos today to start your casino journey with this game.


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