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Solstice Celebration Slot Machine

Solstice Celebration Slot Machine




Solstice Celebration Slot: Some cultures really celebrate the changing of seasons with what is known as a solstice celebration. And now online slot players can have celebrations of their own when they take on the Solstice Celebration slot machine. This slots title is a five-reel video slot from Konami, who are big names in the world of gambling along with other types of slots games.

In this Solstice Celebration slot review, players can find out everything they need to know about this slots title which served as a precursor to the Solstice Celebration Triple Sparkle slots title. Among the things that players can learn are what kinds of wagers can be placed from spin to spin along with what kinds of combinations players will want to form to win as much money as possible. And with over $400’000 serving as the game’s top prize, there is plenty of cause for celebration with this offering from Konami.

Table of Content: What You Will Learn

  1. How to play the Solstice Celebration Slot Machine
  2. How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings
  3. Solstice Celebration mobile: Playing on Android & iPhone
  4. Konami: An expert in all things gaming
  5. FAQ
  6. Conclusion

How to play the Solstice Celebration Slot Machine

Knowing the symbols and paytable: Similar to other Konami games

One of the things that players will notice when they go to play the Solstice Celebration slot online is the fact that it resembles several other Konami offerings. The setup of the slots game is just like what is available with those other slots titles. The differences of course come in the theme of this slots title and the different items that are available as a result. Here is a rundown of the symbols that players can expect when they fire up this offering at their preferred casino.

  • Sun – wild symbol
  • Bonus – scatter
  • Diamond
  • Horse
  • Butterfly
  • Flower
  • Card value symbols

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This slots game is interesting in that the items that are available throughout don’t tell the entire story as far as what players can expect when they get started with the slots game. This is because of some interesting special features that are up for grabs, as any symbol can be made into something else depending on the circumstances that surround it. As far as the gameplay itself is concerned, there are way too many card value symbols for our liking here. This is especially true given how nice the other items are to look at throughout this slots title.

Using the paylines: Fixed and simple

Players who want to know to win the Solstice Celebration slot should know that the payline situation is simple to understand throughout. There are 30 paylines to be had across the five reels in this slots title, with those paylines being fixed. That means that the number of paylines that are in play cannot be adjusted from spin to spin. Instead, only the amount wagered per payline can be changed to alter the amount that is risked with each spin. As a whole, this is much easier than having to weigh the options of an adjustable payline structure.

Special features: Those are waiting for you!

There are some special features in this slots title that make it feel very unique. The most notable of these features is the sparkle feature, which allows any symbol in the entire slots game to change to fill certain reels. This is triggered when two reels are filled with sparkle symbols, at which point those reels change to be the same symbol across those reels. This, in theory, makes it easier to form a high number of winning combinations. However, the symbols still need to be there in the other sections of the board to form those combos.

Also interesting is the ability to win Solstice Celebration slot machine free play through bonus symbols. These symbols also fill their respective reels, with two or more bonus symbols resulting in new free spins for players. Those new free spins don’t have much special to them to set them apart from regular spins, which means that a lot of time during those free games is spent waiting for a return on investment that doesn’t always come. But free spins are still better than new paid spins, and the presence of these spins is still a net positive for slot players.

  • 5 reels
  • 30 paylines
  • Free spins up for grabs
  • $400’000 max payout per spin

How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings

When playing the Solstice Celebration slot online, understanding what bets can be made is key. In this slots title, players can bet anywhere from $0.45 per spin all the way up to $450 per spin. That flexibility is appreciated by most players.

The maximum winnings that can be earned in this slots title are $432’100 in a spin. Players will have to place a max bet to get to that level of winnings, but there are plenty of reasons to do so if that much cash cah be earned in one go.

The amount that can be earned from the special features in this video slots title can vary leading up to the maximum payout. This is because they are dependent on the bet amounts per spin, as well as what symbols show up to fill reels and around wilds.

What does not vary, however, is the amount that players can earn from online casino to online casino. This is because Konami, the game’s developer, has set those amounts rather than each individual casino having the ability to do so. Having a consistent bet structure and paytable is important for new players who like to play at multiple casinos.

Solstice Celebration mobile: Playing on Android & iPhone

One of the great things about playing online video slots in today’s day and age is the fact that there are so many different ways that they can be enjoyed. In terms of Solstice Celebration ideas for enjoyment, being free to take the game on the go is one of the best ways to go about making the most of this Konami offering. Players who use iPhone or Android devices are free to access this slots game on the go, untethering them from the desktop devices that are typically associated with slots action.

Players are free to access this video slots title in different ways depending on what their casino of choice has in store for them for accommodations. Some sites offer the ability to use an app that is specific to their casino. This requires players to use storage space on their device, but it also provides a device-specific experience. Other sites require players to simply use a mobile web browser to access a mobile-friendly version of their website. Either way, it is easy to celebrate the solstice with this offering through a mobile device. The question from there is if a player can do some winning from those devices.

Konami: An expert in all things gaming

Casino gaming is a form of gaming, and it stands to reason that players want to play with a company that knows all about gaming. And for players of Konami slots titles, they are getting exactly that. Konami has been around for decades in some form of gaming or another, from arcade games to slot machines and everything in between. The company is even involved in console gaming through their massively popular soccer video game franchise that has licensed some of the top teams and players in the world under its umbrella.

In addition to the Solstice Celebration slot game, Konami is responsible for plenty of other exciting slots titles in this industry. Included in that list are slots titles like Chili Chili Fire, Dragon’s Law Twin Fever, Castlevania, and Ninja Lady. Most of these games are structured similarly and have similar graphics. But Konami’s ability to take on several interesting concepts without missing a beat is one of the things that make this developer one that is always worth taking a look at. And with relative consistency throughout their games, it is easy to pick up and play most of what Konami has to offer across the board.


Most common questions to Solstice Celebration

 How many bonus games does Solstice Celebration have?

There are no out and out bonus rounds in this slots title, but there are chances to earn free spins or fill reels with one symbol to earn plenty of cash in other ways. Even without a bonus round, players have ample opportunities to win.

 What is the maximum winning of Solstice Celebration?

Players who hit it big in Solstice Celebration are able to earn up to $432’100 at the most in this slots title. This requires a big initial bet, which players should keep in mind if they expect to win this much.

 How many paylines does Solstice Celebration have?

There are 30 paylines to be used in this slots title. What’s more is that those paylines are fixed, which means that they do not change no matter what a player wagers per line.

 Is it safe to play Solstice Celebration?

Given Konami’s massive footprint in the gaming industry as a whole, including in the online slots space, it is safe to say that it is safe to play this slots title. Players should always check that their chosen casinos employ proper security measures, but this game itself is safe to play without a doubt.

 What is the Solstice Celebration RTP?

The RTP for this slots title sits at a respectable 96.03%, which is on par with plenty of other slots titles in this industry.


There is a lot to like when it comes to this slots title from Konami. The ability to earn Solstice Celebration slot machine free play and all of the possibilities that stem from the sparkle feature both make this game interesting and potentially lucrative to all players. For those who are more concerned with bonus chances than great graphics, this is a game worth looking at. Don’t miss out on your chance to get started with this game and more. Check out the above online casinos to get started today with your own casino adventure.


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