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Singapore Online Casinos

Singapore Online Casinos

Singapore Online Casinos

Singapore Online Casinos – The people in this small city-state may be perceived as being very well organized and tightly controlled, but don’t let that fool you: they know how to place a wager. According to some studies, they are the second-largest gamblers in the world, behind only Australia. There are two casino resorts on the island that are among the world’s most lavish, adding to that passion.

When it comes to online gambling, the government here has taken a harder line, blocking gaming sites from targeting local players or allowing Singaporeans to play for real money. It is still possible to play Internet casino games despite these efforts, as some companies still offer their services.



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Regulated Internet Options May Be On the Horizon

Even though Singapore’s government has taken a hard stance against online casinos, some operators hope that they will understand that the industry can never be fully contained. Due to this, both the Turf Club and the state lottery operator have applied for exemptions from the law that prohibits Internet gambling.

In the event that these groups get their exemptions, they intend to offer betting on major sports events like Euro 2016 as well as lottery products that already exist in the physical world. It may take up to a year for the government to evaluate the applications, which means a final decision may not be reached until June or July 2016.

However, the government is unlikely to approve full casino-style gaming options anytime soon even if licenses are awarded. Foreign sites that slip through the cracks of the government ban will be the only options for gamblers who want to play the same games over the Internet as they can in the resorts.