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Sex and the City Slots in 2023


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Sex and the City Slots: Sex and the City was one of the biggest television programs of all time with tons of intrigue surrounding each new episode. Today, fans of Sex and the City can still have fun with the TV series thanks to the Sex and the City slots game. In this slot title, players can enjoy a slot experience that heavily involves the characters and major plot points of this iconic comedy.

In this review of Sex and the City slots, players can find out how this game works. They can find out what kind of symbols exist when taking part in this slot machine game, and what types of bonuses and other added values they trigger. Most importantly, players can find out how to win while playing this game and how to try it for free. They can also find out more about IGT, the developer responsible for this title, and what kind of clout they carry in the online slots world.

Table of Content: What You Will Learn

  1. How to play the Sex and the City Slots
  2. How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings
  3. Sex and the City mobile: Playing on Android & iPhone
  4. IGT: A big name in online slots
  5. FAQ
  6. Conclusion

How to play the Sex and the City Slots

Knowing the symbols and paytable: Rewarding Fans of the Show

The symbols that exist throughout the Sex and the City slots game are entirely based around characters and other objects that play prominent roles in the Sex and the City universe. The four main characters in the show, Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha and Carrie each have their own symbol, as does Mr. Big.

Here is a complete list of the symbols that are up for grabs in this IGT slot machine.

  • Sex and the City logo (wild)
  • Pink heart (scatter)
  • Charlotte
  • Miranda
  • Samantha
  • Carrie
  • Mr. Big
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes

sex in the city slot game


Of course, it is worth noting that the highest value symbols in this game belong to the Sex and the City logo and the pink heart, as those can trigger winning combinations via wilds or through the bonus games that are triggered. The scatters are especially valuable, as three or more of those on the screen will trigger a bonus game that is decided at random.

Outside of the two special symbols in the game, players will hope to find more character symbols than object symbols. Forming winning combinations with the character symbols will yield bigger payouts than lining up things like shoes or dresses along the game’s five reels and 25 paylines.

Using the paylines: 25 easy paylines

The Sex and the City slots game uses 25 paylines on each set of five reels. This IGT title didn’t do anything new with their payline structure, but that might be a good thing so as not to make the game too complicated. All 25 paylines in this title originate from left to right, and go across the board in a number of ways to create winning combinations.

It is worth pointing out that each individual five-reel grid has its own 25 paylines, in case players do opt to take advantage of the multi-spin feature in this game. Each set of reels operates independently and does not combine its paylines with any of the other reels on the screen.

Special features: Those are waiting for you!

The most interesting feature in the Sex and the City slots would have to be the multi-game feature. Players can spin up to four sets of reels at the same time, which opens up the opportunity to win multiple times as they spin the different reels simultaneously. It should be noted, though, that each set of reels that are spun requires its own individual bet.

The other key feature in this slot game is the presence of the pink heart scatter symbol. When three or more of those symbols show up on one set of reels in an individual spin, a wheel is spun. That wheel determines what bonus game is played, with there being multiple bonus games that carry different bonuses with them.

These bonus games include a game where players can pick out a dress and receive more coins depending on the value of that dress. There are also games where players can pick out rings, shoes or other gifts, all of which can carry with them significant bonuses. The more a player wagers on each spin, the higher the value of these bonus games will be. Of course, players who place a max bet stand to make the most money each time these games are triggered.

Progressive Jackpot: Try to Trigger It!

There are progressive jackpots up for grabs when playing the Sex and the City slots game. These are also triggered when enough scatters show up on-screen during a spin. The goal here is to have the bonus wheel land on a space that triggers one of the character progressive jackpot rounds.

The Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte progressive jackpots are relatively small when compared to the Mr. Big progressive jackpot. That jackpot amount increases with every spin made by players on this machine that doesn’t trigger that jackpot. The presence of five different progressive jackpots makes this title worth checking out for any fan of progressives.

How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings

There are several different bet sizes that can be made when playing Sex and the City slots. The max bet for this title is $6, which can be done four times during a single spin if a player opts to spin four sets of reels at one time. The max win amount can vary greatly, as the progressive jackpot amounts can increase or decrease at any given time depending on when the jackpot was last won and how many spins are feeding into it.

The winnings on bonus features can also vary greatly from spin to spin, as the amount wagered on each spin can change it. Also able to change the amount that can be won on special features is the fact that the character progressive jackpots all increase and decrease depending on the amounts that have been wagered into each of them.

One thing that bettors can take comfort in while playing the Sex and the City slots is the fact that the winnings amounts for this title will not vary from online casino to online casino. Whether this title is played at a new online casino or an older casino, the amounts that can be won are consistent as they are controlled by the developer rather than the casinos themselves.

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Sex and the City mobile: Playing on Android & iPhone

Playing slot titles on mobile devices has become more popular than playing on computers in recent years, and the Sex and the City slots are no exception. Fortunately, players have the ability to take on a number of online slot titles and online casino titles from their mobile devices, with this title being one of the many that can be played on a player’s phone.

There are typically two different ways that bettors can interact with Sex and the City and other slots. One way is through a mobile app, in the event that an online casino does have a mobile app to get involved with. Other casino sites will result in players using the mobile version of their website in order to play this game.

This title looks particularly appealing on mobile devices, thanks to the fact that most modern mobile displays look better than computer screens do. The shining objects and aesthetically pleasing color scheme of this title makes playing this game on mobile devices arguably the best way to participate in the Sex and the City slot. Bettors should make sure that their preferred casino does offer this title on mobile devices before attempting to play for real money, though.

IGT: A big name in online slots

IGT stands for International Game Technology, a company that was founded in 1990. The company is headquartered out of London and has offices in Nevada, Rhode Island and Rome in Italy. IGT operates in the gaming industry, producing slot titles as well as being involved with lottery gaming as well.

The Sex and the City slots game is from IGT, which is one of the biggest names in the online casino gaming industry. IGT is responsible for some of the most visible slot titles out there, including several other pop culture themed slots beyond just the Sex and the City game series. Some of those pop culture themed games from IGT include Wheel of Fortune, CSI and Elvis The King.

But IGT is responsible for way more than slot titles that are licensed through pop culture entities. Included in the list of other games that this developer is involved with are titles like White Orchid, Treasures of the Pyramids and Rainbow Riches. Overall, the IGT suite of online slot titles has something for just about everyone, whether a player prefers to play games that remind them of their favorite TV shows or they just like some of the standalone game types. They have some naked slots as well.


Most common questions to Sex and the City

What is the maximum winning of Sex and the City?

The most that can be won in a spin in the Sex and the City slots varies depending on the status of the progressive jackpots at any given time. When the progressive jackpot hasn’t been won for a long time, the max win for this title is much larger than during a time where the progressive jackpot has recently been taken down.

How many paylines does Sex and the City have?

The Sex and the City slots title has 25 paylines on each set of five reels. It is possible to spin multiple sets of reels at the same time, but each of those sets of five reels has their own group of 25 paylines. The paylines for each set of reels do not interact with each other even when a player uses four sets of reels at a time.

Is it safe to play Sex and the City?

Online slots are very safe in most cases, with this title being no exception. Just how safe each online casino is can vary, but the casinos that offer this title are required to follow quality and safety standards that make this title safe to play virtually everywhere.

What is the Sex and the City RTP percentage?

There is an average RTP rate of 96.40% in the Sex and the City slots, which is better than many slots in the pop culture genre of online slot play. This percentage is calculated over a massive sample size of spins, which means that the amount a player wins or loses over a small sample size can vary from that amount.

Can I play Sex and the City on mobile?

Yes, Sex and the City slots can be played on a mobile device. Casinos that have a mobile app or a mobile version of their website can be used to play this game, so long as those casinos offer this title and other IGT games.


The Sex and the City slots game is a home run for anyone who is a fan of the television show. But even slot players who are not fans of the show are likely to have fun with this title, which boasts a strong selection of special features to enjoy. From bonus games to progressive jackpots, players are highly likely to enjoy this title no matter how they feel about the television show that brought it into the world. Don’t miss out on your chance to try Sex and the City for free. Try the game for yourself for free before getting involved for real money.

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