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Online Gambling Odds Explained

Online Gambling Odds Explained

Online gambling odds are significant. Gamblers succeed by understanding and using them. Online gambling odds calculate winnings. Betting odds also determine value. It’s vital to bookies’ profits.

Basic Info on Gambling Odds

  • Gambling Odds hints on how events may happen
  • They tell you how much money you could win
  • They are used heavily in the sporting event
  • They are very important to bookmakers

Table of Content: What You Will Learn

  1. Odds Explained
  2. How Probability Works
  3. Types of Odds
  4. How Bookmakers Earn Profit
  5. Why You Should Try Out Online Gambling Odds
  6. Conclusion

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Odds Explained

What do Online gambling odds mean? For example, take an odd of 5/1. It means you need to bet 1 unit to win back. 9/1 means you need 1 unit to win 9 back. There are also cases like 1/4, here, you would need to bet 4 units to win back 1. That means a $1 win on the odds of 3/1 would get you a $3 profit while a $1 win at 1/3 odds-on gets you a profit of 0.30. It represents the concept of risk/reward. The winning chance of a longer odds of 2/1 is less, while a 1/2 odds-on price could most probably happen, however, the player would need to risk double to arrive at the same return as if the longer price won.

How Probability Works

Probability means the occurrence of an outcome or outcomes. Let’s take a game of dice for example, if a player rolls a dice, only six outcomes are possible since dices only have 6 sides. If you bet that a player rolls side ‘one’, there is a 16.67% probability that the number would occur.

Types of Odds

American Online Gambling Odds

American, UK, and European odds are frequent. Most Americans use the American type. American moneyline odds differ between underdogs and favourites. Football odds show the underdog as “+” and the favourite as “-“. This affects payout calculations for both parties. The table below clarifies. Sports betting is typical.

Matchup Betting Odds
Team Arsenal -140
Team MLS Galaxy +120


The indicators in front indicate whether betting on either outcome pays out more or less than the player has wagered. The “-” indication indicates a more likely outcome that would pay less than the wager. The positive (+) sign indicates a less likely occurrence that would pay more than the wager. Use the example above. Using -140, the player must bet $140 to make $100.

Negative odds For a Negative betting odd of -110

  • A $110 bet on the -110 outcome will pay out $100 in profit with a total of $210 after getting the original bet back.
  • A $1100 bet on this outcome would payout $1000 with a total of $2100 after getting the original bet back.

For a Negative betting odd of -170

  • A $ 170 bet on the outcome will payout $100 with a total of $270 after getting your original bet back.

Positive odds For a positive betting odd of +120

  • A $100 bet on the +120 outcome pays out $120 profit with a total of $220 after getting your original bet back
  • A $1000 bet on this outcome will pay out $1200 in profit with a total of $2200 after getting your original bet back.

For a positive betting odd of +1500

  • A $100 bet on this outcome, (+1500) pays out $1500 in profit with a total of $1600 after getting your original bet back.

British online gambling odds

UK gamblers like these online odds. Horse-racing and football use fractional odds (Sports betting generally). Fractional odds show the potential winnings related to the stake. The player wins $7 for each $1 stake. The player wins $1 1/7 for every $7 wager. Apply this now. Take an English Premier League match. Arsenal hosts Blackburn Rovers (Away team).

  • Blackburn’s odds of winning are 6/1, so the payout is x6 if they happen to win the game.
  • Place a $100 bet and it would yield a profit of $600, that is , 100 x 6 = $600
  • After getting your $100 back
  • The total payout would equal $700(600+100).

If the odds of Arsenal winning are 1/6, the gambler would receive a payout of $1 for every $6 bet he bets. That would be a total payout of $7. (6 x 1/6) + 6.

European Online Gambling Odds

These online gambling odds are also known as Decimal odds. They are very popular in Europe, Australia and Canada, they are steadily becoming popular outside Europe. They are mostly used in sports betting. Most online sportsbooks prefer to display their odds in this format, probably because it is easier to calculate. In decimal odds, the figure that’s quoted is the exact amount that would potentially be paid out if the bet wins. Let’s see some examples. 7.0 would be calculated as (7.0 x $10 stake) – $10 stake = $60 winnings

Team Betting Odds United States 3.40 Netherlands 2.55


For example, a $20 bet on the USA at 3.40 odds yields $68. To calculate the profit, subtract the wager from the decimal odds: $68–$20 = $48. A $20 gamble on Netherlands yields $51 total and $41 profit. (51-10) Decimal odds are simple but rarely utilised in the US. European betting sites can demonstrate.

How Bookmakers Earn Profit

Bookmakers try to make money in losing wagers than they payout in winning wagers. Bookmakers try to avoid fair odds because they would be exposed to risk and could possibly lose profit.

Bookmakers bet to make money. Balanced book and Overround are necessary now. Online betting services have balanced books and aim to include an Overground in their bets. The Overround and requirement for a balanced book force sports odds to alter. If the bookmaker is making too much money from one outcome, odds could be significantly cut to discourage additional action. To promote action, probabilities on other outcomes may be increased. Bookmakers make money almost always, but you can defeat them. Try to win more than you lose on losing bets. Gambling odds, overrun, and balanced books will guarantee your success.

Why You Should Try Out Online Gambling Odds

This article should explain gambling odds, probability, and sports betting. It sounds entertaining and could make you money, so try it. Our sports betting comparison includes free betting articles. Free signup!

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Sports betting, politics, and other events leverage online gambling odds, making them easy to profit from. When betting, you should know the odds. To practise betting, play your favourite social casino game online for free. Many Social Casino sites are beneficial. Risk-takers should win big. The underdog is risky but pays off. Pick up your gadget and visit your favourite betting site to win.

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