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Jumanji Slot Game in 2023

Jumanji Slot Game Review

Jumanji Slot Game: One of the interesting things about the Jumanji movie franchise was the fact that Jumanji was so surprising to the people playing it. Not just a board game, Jumanji was an immersive experience that brought the fun into the home of the people who participated. In the case of the Jumanji slot, there are some unique components that set it apart from the rest of the slots that players can take part in.

This NetEnt offering has reels that are not all sized the same way, which creates some additional avenues to create winning combinations that players could ride all the way to an elephant-sized win of their own. In this review of the Jumanji slot, players can find out everything that they need to know about this title, including how the different reels work and how players could end up getting paid out in the event that the symbols align in a way that works out for them.

Table of Content: What You Will Learn

  1. How to play the Jumanji slot game
  2. How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings
  3. Jumanji Mobile: Playing on Android & iPhone
  4. NetEnt: An elite games developer
  5. FAQ
  6. Conclusion

How to play the Jumanji slot game

Knowing the symbols and paytable: Not too wild

Any Jumanji slot review should start with a look at the items such as free spins and wilds that are up for grabs when playing this title. The bulk of the items in the Jumanji online slot were designed specifically for this title, as they feature animals and the box from the board game itself. There are some card value symbols thrown in to fill out the list of items that are up for grabs, but even those are designed with the signature Jumanji font. Here is a list of the symbols that are up for grabs when playing this title, including a scatter for free spins and the wilds that appear frequently.

  • Wild
  • Scatter
  • Lion
  • Rhino
  • Alligator
  • Bird
  • Card value symbols

While the most important items in this title are always going to be the two special feature symbols, the higher value animal symbols are also worth paying attention to. They are well designed and give the title its wild feel, as those symbols are direct callbacks to the original movie itself. As players look to line items up on the unique payline structure in this title, they will be looking for these animals to show up along with the special feature items that give them the chance to do the most winning possible.

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Using the paylines: A unique structure

When it comes to how to win the Jumanji slot, players should be aware of how the payline structure in this title functions. This title has a unique payline situation, based on the fact that the reels are of uneven sizes. There are 36 fixed paylines in this title, as opposed to titles with more traditional reel setups that typically have closer to 25. This could impact a player’s Jumanji slot strategy, but once a player gets used to it there aren’t many concerns to be had with the fact that the look of the board and the number of paylines might vary from what they are used to.

Special features: Those are waiting for you!

There are some compelling special features to be found in this title, with the Jumanji slot bonus being chief among them. Three or more scatters on a single spin will yield players a chance to take on the bonus round, which sees them control a game piece around a game board. Each roll of the dice yields a chance for players to earn additional coins and other perks that could greatly increase the amount of funds that a spin yields for them, potentially resulting in a massive Jumanji slot win.

In addition to the bonus feature, there are several Jumanji-themed features to make each spin more compelling. Sticky vines make it so that symbols that show a winning combination are left on the board while a re-spin takes place. Monsoon wilds cover one or more reels completely in wilds. And stampedes make it possible for several additional wilds to be put on the board in the place of lower value items after a spin. All of these features not only help make winning easier, but they also are things that players would have seen in the Jumanji board game that is the inspiration for this title in the first place.


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How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings

The bet sizes in this title feature a wide range of options, which is good in that it makes both high and low stakes bettors feel at home. Players can wager anywhere from $0.10 to $200 per spin on this title, with plenty of options in between for those who wish to access them. Additionally, players should know that the amount that they are able to wager and win does not change from casino to casino. This is thanks to the fact that the title’s developer is responsible for those amounts and that individual casino sites are not able to alter them at all.

In terms of the maximum that can be won in this title, the most that can be brought in on a single spin is a massive $300’000. In order to get that kind of Jumanji slot bonus, a player would likely need to place a winning wager on the high end of the range of available bet sizes. In terms of the amount that can be won from special features when playing this title, the amount can vary depending on the outcome of things like wild symbols and whether things like stampedes are activated during each spin.

Jumanji Mobile: Playing on Android & iPhone

Playing slots on mobile devices is more popular than ever, thanks to the fact that casinos are making their titles more widely available on that platform and the fact that mobile devices are better than ever. As more players discover that they would prefer to take their slots action on the go with them, Jumanji is no exception to the rule that players want to be able to take their slot wherever they go. Fortunately, mobile play is an option for this title, as iPhone and Android users are among those who are able to play this title anywhere that they can connect to the internet.

When it comes to accessing Jumanji on a mobile device, doing so will require the use of either a casino-specific mobile app or the use of a mobile version of an online casino’s website. Either way, players should be able to find this game at casinos like Caxino Casino. Players should make sure that the casino that they use offers mobile gaming, and that the mobile gaming options they present meet the player’s needs. As long as that is the case, there should be no issue with playing Jumanji on the go.

NetEnt: An elite games developer

It just so happens that the entity that is responsible for the Jumanji online slot has developed a ton of popular slots and is among the best developers in the entire industry. That honor goes to NetEnt, which is a developer that has roots dating back to the 1990s. NetEnt has done a nice job of providing multiple casino game types to casinos all over the world, as they have created slots titles and table games that have allowed sites to offer a more complete casino experience to their players. But, as is the case with most casinos, slots is the star of the show from this developer.

From a slots perspective, NetEnt has done a nice job of cultivating a diverse array of titles and doing so with graphics that are usually head and shoulders above anything that the rest of the industry has to offer. Some of their titles include pop-culture themed titles like Narcos, while other titles like Eggomatic, Mega Fortune and Jack Hammer bring something completely different to the table. Those who want a truly unique look and feel to their slots could certainly do worse than finding titles from NetEnt wherever they play their casino games.


Most common questions to Jumanji

 How many bonus games are in Jumanji?

There is one bonus round in this title, with a board game themed bonus making it possible to win additional funds. This bonus round requires the rolling of dice, so there might not be a Jumanji slot strategy to maximize winnings during the bonus round, but it is still a fun chance to win more money.

 What is the max win for Jumanji?

The most that can be won in a single spin in Jumanji is a massive $300’000. There is the chance to earn plenty of cash through special features, even if they don’t come via a bonus round. Players should also be aware that their winnings correlate directly to their bet sizes.

 Is it safe to play Jumanji?

It is completely safe to play Jumanji, thanks to the fact that the title was created by one of the top slot developers in the world. Players should check and make sure that the casino with which they play this title is also secure, but there should be no problems on the end of the game itself.

 What is the Jumanji slot RTP?

The Jumanji slot RTP is 96.33%. This isn’t a bad number, although some players might like to play a title with a higher RTP. Players should remember that RTP is calculated based on a massive sample size of spins, much larger than a player will produce during one slot session.

 Can I play Jumanji on mobile?

Yes, players can take to this title on their mobile devices, as one of NetEnt’s greatest strengths is the mobile compatibility of their titles. As long as an online casino does offer mobile gaming, there should be no problem firing up Jumanji on all of your devices.


The big sticking point from any Jumanji slot review should be how in-depth this title goes to go along with the theme of the material it is referencing. All of the different animal items, the board game bonus round, and the animal-themed special features all serve to make this title one that is unquestionably centered around Jumanji, which is great. And players can get stated playing Jumanji and many other titles with a casino bonus of their own now. Don’t wait to get started today. Claim your bonus and enjoy Jumanji and other popular slots.


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