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How to play the Medusa Slot Game in 2023

How to play the Medusa Slot: Medusa is one of the most fearsome figures in the history of the written word, as her stare was enough to turn people into stone without any additional effort required. And while players of online slots can’t be turned into stone by their screens, there is the ability for them to harden their bankrolls by bringing in funds generated by this casino slots title.

In this review of the Medusa slot, players can find out everything that they need to know about this offering from NextGen Gaming, including what types of wagers they can put down and the amounts that can be won in a single spin. This wild title gave birth to the Medusa 2 slot, with the Medusa II slot being created after the popularity of the Medusa slot machine. And after finding out more about this casino slots title, players will understand why the terrifying Medusa was tapped for a sequel in the world of slots.

Table of Content: What You Will Learn

  1. How to play the Medusa Slot
  2. How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings
  3. Medusa Slot mobile: Playing on Android & iPhone
  4. NextGen Gaming: A trusted source for slots
  5. FAQ

How to play the Medusa Slot

Knowing the symbols and paytable: Easy to use

When playing Medusa slots, the precursor to the Medusa 2 slot, players don’t need to worry about a complicated set of symbols. This is because the symbols and paytable are easy to understand, with each item clearly corresponding to another element of the game. Here is a rundown of the symbols that are up for grabs when playing this incredibly popular casino online slots title.

  • Medusa – wild
  • Medusa logo – scatter
  • Pegasus – bonus
  • Soldier – super spins
  • Greek building
  • Smaller soldiers
  • Snake
  • Coin
  • Jewelery
  • Shoes
  • Vase
  • Grapes
  • Spear

As you can see, players of this casino slots title can play a game that doesn’t fill out its list of symbols with card value items. The symbols in this game are all related to the game across its five reels. This makes for a really exciting experience, as everything that is in this casino slots title feels like it is meant to be there and that it all carries significance. Of course, the four special items in this game carry the bulk of the importance, but everything feels like a bigger deal with it is set up the way that this game does it. With attention to detail like this, it’s no surprise that the Medusa II slot was created.

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Using the paylines: Adjustable and convenient

When it comes to the paylines that are available in the Medusa slot machine, the amount that can be used at a given time can be adjusted to meet a player’s preferences. Anything from one to 25 paylines are available in this casino slots title. This allows players to adjust their bet amounts as well as the number of ways that they can win on a given spin. While many casino games are going to a fixed payline structure, this one is staying true to the adjustable format. Whether or not that is positive is a matter of preference.

Special features: Those are waiting for you!

There are some intriguing features that this fantasy slot title has to offer its players, with the most notable of those features being the two bonus features that exist. The first of those is the once bitten bonus, which awards free spins bonuses when three scatter logos appear over the course of a spin. This leads to 10 new free spins, where the soldier could show up and boost the value of some of those spins if and when he appears.

The appearance of three or more of the Pegasus scatters is another way that players can earn bonuses. Players are free to pick from one of the available Pegasus symbols to earn a bonus that can go as high as 50 times the original bet. This is one of the mot valuable possibilities in the game, and one that players should keep their fingers crossed for throughout their time playing.

Medusa herself is another important part of this casino slots title, as her presence could trigger new re-spins throughout the course of this game. When three Medusa show up over the course of this game, three new re-spins are awarded. One of the middle three reels becomes an expanded wild as a result of that if it does happen, which adds even more excitement to that feature.

  • 5 reels
  • 25 adjustable paylines
  • Free spins and bonus rounds available
  • Tons of symbols

How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings

Bet sizes in this title can vary quite a bit thanks to the fact that both the number of paylines and amount wagered per line can be adjusted. Bets in this game range from $0.01 to $62.50 depending on where on those spectrums a player bets for high and low stakes gaming.

In terms of the maximum amount that a player can win while playing this casino slots title, $53’375 is the top prize for a new spin. How much a player bets on a new spin impacts the amount that can be won at a given time. Naturally, a max bet is more likely to hit the win limit when compared to bets for a penny that don’t carry that same potential.

The maximum win from special features tends to vary depending on how much a player wagers, but the most that can be won at one time is the aforementioned $53’375. Other winnings depend on what symbols are present at a given time surrounding wilds or other items.

Fortunately, players do not have to worry about potential winnings varying from site to site. Different casinos have the same stake and win amounts given that the game is controlled by the developer and not the individual casino.

Medusa Slot mobile: Playing on Android & iPhone

Whether playing Medusa slots free, Medusa 2 slots free, or either game in the series for real money, players should be happy about the flexibility these games carry. This is because Medusa Vegas slots can be played both on mobile and desktop devices, with the mobile option becoming increasingly attractive to players to say the least. Being free to play the Medusa slot game on Android and iPhone devices makes it so that anyone with an internet connection can play this wild title wherever they are.

How a player can get to the Medusa slot game depends largely on the rules of the casino that they are attempting to use. On one hand, many sites utilize the ability to play a mobile version of a casino site. This is often very similar to the desktop version, only scaled down for play on a phone or tablet. Another alternative is the ability to play using a casino-specific mobile app. This requires players to download an app for the casino they want to use to play this wild title, which often provides an experience tailor-made for each device. Which option players choose depends on their preference and the options at each site. But either way, the ability to play this game on mobile is there.

NextGen Gaming: A trusted source for slots

One of the best things about using slots from NextGen Gaming is the fact that players can rest assured with the fact that the company was built specifically for the online gaming sector. It was founded in 1999, right as the use of the internet was beginning to take off. Of course, as long as the internet has been around, the potential for online slot action has been desired. Therefore, it stands to reason that NextGen is a company that has always been on the cutting edge of these sorts of offerings.

Something that is unique about this developer is the fact that they typically offer their titles to be licensed out to other providers. This works well due to the fact that NextGen typically doesn’t have the best graphics in the industry, but their games look good enough to be wanted by other developers. Some of the titles that NextGen have made their name off of are those like the Jackpot Jester series, The Mask, Shangri La, and Queen of the Castle. With hundreds of games in their library, it’s no surprise that NextGen has titles that appeal to a large group of casino players around the world.


Most common questions to Medusa

 How many bonus games does Medusa have?

In addition to plenty of chances for free spins bonuses, Medusa offers players the chance to play its one Pegasus bonus game. Combined with the other perks in this title, the ability to earn 50 times the original bet with the Pegasus bonus is a strong value.

 What is the maximum winning in Medusa?

The highest amount that can be won when gaming on the reels with Medusa in a single new spin is $53’375. Players will want to bet closer to the maximum amount to have a chance to earn that staggering payday

 How many paylines does Medusa have?

Players have the ability to adjust the number of paylines that they use while playing this gaming title. The minimum amount of lines that can be used is one, while there are as many as 25 paylines that can be taken advantage of.

 Is it safe to play Medusa?

This title comes from NextGen, which is a respected name in the online slots industry. Given their track record, it is indeed safe to play this title. Players should always be sure to check out each casino they are interested in using to make sure that it is secure as well.

 What is the Medusa slot RTP?

The RTP percentage for the Medusa slot is a slightly below par 95.416%. This isn’t terrible, but it is certainly possible to find better elsewhere.

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