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Elephant King Slot in 2023

How to Play Elephant King Slot Machine

How to Play the Elephant King Slot: Different slot games are set in the outdoors, with many creatures roaming around. IGT’s Elephant King Slot, on the other hand, has been one of the finest at making those creatures feel lifelike as players place them on the wild reels.

This video slot game has intriguing elements such as a scatter symbol that activates a bonus or free spins with only one instance of the symbol necessary. With retriggering free spins, players may amass profits without having to place extra wagers.

In this Elephant King slot review, casino players can learn more about this game and discover all of the many methods to win this 40-payline title. With the possibility to play for large stakes, players have the chance to win up to $800,000 on a single spin, making this safari more than worth the journey.

Table of Contents: What You Will Discover

  • How to Play Elephant King Slot Machine
  • How to Make the Most of Your Bets and Winnings
  • Elephant King mobile: Available for Android and iPhone
  • FAQ: IGT: A Big Name in Gambling
  • Conclusion

Understanding the symbols and paytable: intriguing but not difficult

The symbols and paytable in this online slots game are both reasonably simple to comprehend, so players should not be put off by the gorgeous aesthetics on offer. This game has numerous traditional symbols like as diamonds and other animals, while the more complicated symbols include the game’s wild symbol as well as a scatter that initiates a genuinely unique and exciting technique of providing additional rewards to players. Here is a list of the many symbols available in this slot.

  • The wild symbol
  • The elephant disc is a scatter symbol.
  • Elephant\sRhino\sZebra
  • Symbols of the Antelope Jewel

While the game’s two special symbols are the most sought, the animal symbols give the next highest prizes. Five elephant symbols result in a 500 coin prize, which is multiplied by the coin value of the player to determine the payoff for those spins. This game’s icons are more aesthetically pleasing than those in many other slot games. Even the more conventional gem symbols have the various card symbols made in a way that makes them feel far more remarkable than in other titles. Then there are the animal symbols, which are likewise wonderfully designed and dance when winning combos are formed.

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Using paylines: simple but limited

This game has 40 slots paylines accessible along its five reels, which are how to win the elephant king slot game. However, unlike other slots with so many distinct paylines, players cannot choose how many lines they utilize on each spin. This is advantageous for players who do not wish to vary the amount of paylines they utilize, especially given the number of chances to win while employing 40 of them. However, players who desire to change that number after their spins may be disappointed. Instead of the paylines determining possible prize amounts, simply the coin value affects those amounts for each round.

Special features are awaiting your arrival!

The nicest part about Elephant King play is that there are some unique special reward features scattered throughout the game that slot gamers should enjoy. The elephant disc symbol, which acts as the game’s scatter symbol and can trigger various fascinating reward items in addition to the wild symbol, is the most prominent of these feature items. A value is shown at the top of the game’s five reels after each spin. This might be a numerical value of coins available, free spins, or more free spins. When the elephant disc appears on a reel, the value above that reel is won in addition to any winning combos that occur.

Players gain a 10 free spin bonus if the free spins picture is triggered by one of these elephant discs. When the additional spins indicator is activated, a two free spin bonus feature is delivered. And if a player sees the disc with a coin value mentioned on one of the reels, they will win that number of coins. Instead of a traditional bonus round, this game converts every free spin into a possible bonus winning opportunity by making more cash and prizes accessible at every turn of the game’s five reels. There are free spins available with a $800,000 maximum win.

How to Make the Most of Your Bets and Winnings

In this slot game, players cannot change the number of paylines they utilize, but they may change their coin values to change the amount of 75 cent increments they can gamble on each spin. The coin value can range from $0.01 to $20.00, allowing for a maximum stake of $1’500.

In this game, the maximum payoff in a single turn is a stunning $800,000 on an Elephant King slot huge win. With the retriggering free spins feature allowing players to earn up to 250 free spins, there are plenty of opportunities for large wins during their time playing this game.

The possible prizes for this title’s extra prize features are determined by a number of criteria. The first is the amount wagered every spin, while the second is the result of each free spin. The more stake every fresh spin, the larger the possible earnings up to the maximum payment amount.

Fortunately, when it comes to stake and winning amounts, online slot gamers can anticipate a uniform experience from site to site. That constancy makes it easy to enjoy this game no matter where it is played, as there are no alterations to the essential framework of the action.

Elephant King mobile: Available for Android and iPhone

In most situations, today’s new slots gamers aren’t confined to playing slots from the comfort of their own homes. Because of the popularity of mobile slot games, they may also bring their favorite titles with them.

Most titles are now accessible via a mobile web browser or a specialized casino app on a wide range of devices. In the case of the Elephant King slot, players may often bring the game with them on their mobile devices, since many slot suppliers provide games like this one on both Android and iPhone smartphones.

The availability of this slots title on mobile devices is mostly dependent on the casino that offers the game. While it is possible to spin the reels on mobile devices for this title, not all casino sites will let you to play it on the move.

Players should check game availability on Android and iPhone to ensure that the activity they seek is available on their preferred devices. Players should also ensure that they have enough storage space on their devices to download any applications that may be required, as well as that their browser is compatible with the casino of their choosing.

IGT is a well-known wagering company.

IGT is one of the names that is synonymous with wagering across all of the channels in which it provides gaming services, including slots play. They employ approximately 12,000 people worldwide and are involved in the slots business, as well as sports betting, lottery, and other wagering-related activities. However, in terms of slot play, IGT is sufficiently powerful in its own right to be considered an elite slot manufacturing business.

IGT has designed over 100 slot games, providing gamers a wide range of options when it comes to gambling. These titles range from regular games to video poker to multi-game and progressive jackpots. Golden Jungle Grand, Fuzzy’s Fortune, Baywatch 3D, and Family Guy are among the highlights. The versatility of this developer’s offers is its biggest strength, with games to appeal to almost everyone, particularly aficionados of five-reel slots.

This developer has experienced many evolutions over its history, beginning with past editions of the firm like as Gtech and Lottomatica, which impacted the current company by delivering lottery games. IGT has become a more well-rounded firm as a result of its ongoing evolution. But when it comes to slots, IGT is right up there with the best.


Elephant King’s most frequently asked questions Elephant King has how many extra games?

Elephant King only provides extra games in the form of free slots spins, where slots players may earn up to 250 spins in a single round since they can retrigger throughout the sequence of spins. There aren’t any new bonus games to play, but the free spins more than compensate.

Elephant King has how many paylines?

This casino game includes 40 paylines and five reels. However, players cannot modify how many of those 40 paylines are utilized, which means that they must constantly use them and cannot minimize their wagers by deleting part of them. As a result, each fresh spin is worth at least 75 coins and may cost more depending on the coin value of the player.

Is playing Elephant King risky?

Elephant King is a highly secure game to play as long as players play at a reputable online casino [casino] that is not new. IGT, a reputable slot manufacturer for many years, produced the game.

Elephant King’s RTP is how high?

The Elephant King RTP is 94.93%, which players should compare to the RTP figures of other slots they are considering. This will assist them in locating slots games with the highest reward potential.

Can I play Elephant King on my mobile device?

Is there an Elephant King app? Yes, Elephant King is accessible on mobile devices at numerous casinos, with players able to utilize either a mobile website or, in some cases, a free mobile app to get the game up and running.


Elephant King does an excellent job at bringing new life to the wildlife genre, taking animals seen in Africa and designing them elegantly. With the chance to earn bonuses on each single turn without the requirement for a slew of different things to appear, this game has the potential to be rewarding for any player in the form of both additional free spins and extra monies offered via the scatters on the five reels.

You should not pass up the opportunity to play and enjoy this title in order to increase your chances of winning right away. Play Elephant King now for a chance to win today, or try Elephant King for free first. To get started, visit one of the casinos listed above right now!

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