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Double Diamond Casino Slot in 2023

How to play the Double Diamond Casino Slot

How to play the Double Diamond Casino Slot: The Double Diamond slot game is a classic Vegas slots game that really throws things back to the old days of classic Vegas slot play. With just three reels to be played and one payline across the entirety of the game, the three reel structure often has this classic Vegas slots game referred to as the precursor to the Triple Double Diamond slot machine game.

This classic Vegas slots game is for people who don’t need all of the bells and whistles in hopes of making a deposit into their bankroll after winning on the reels. In this review of the Double Diamond Deluxe slot machine, users can find out everything they need to know about this title and how to play the Double Diamond slot machine.

In addition to finding out how to win the Double Diamond slot machine, users can see what twists have been put on this slots game to separate it from the old school. With a wild symbol that was not around back in the day, this casino game does a good job of making three reel video slots feel new. Table of Content: What You Will Learn

  1. How to play the Double Diamond Casino Slot
  2. How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings
  3. Double Diamond mobile: Playing on Android and iPhone
  4. IGT: One of the slots industry’s leaders
  5. FAQ
  6. Conclusion

Knowing the symbols and paytable: Retro symbols and payouts

If it has been a while since a slots player has seen a casino game filled with symbols like the bar and sevens, they would be excused given how many different options have popped up since those were en vogue. But those are exactly the kinds of items that users can come to expect from the Double Diamond deluxe slot machine. This old school slots game with three reels is very authentic down to the symbols, with this list of items making up the extent of what users can expect to see.

  • Double Diamond logo – wild
  • Seven
  • Triple bar
  • Double bar
  • Single bar
  • Cherries

As you can see, there is the presence of the wild symbol in this slots game to add something of a modern twist to the proceedings. But other than that, this casino game feels so retro that users might be wondering if there is a lever that they can plug into their computers or other devices that they may be using to access this title.

Either way, the paytable shows that only the cherries will pay out for less than three of them showing up on the game’s payline, with three wilds being by far the most lucrative outcome at 1’000 times the bet amount for that outcome, even if the Double Diamond slot machine odds for that outcome are low.

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Using the paylines: One fixed payline

So many slot games today at casinos can get confusing with the number of paylines that they offer and the fact that they can be adjusted to meet all different needs. But things could not possibly be simpler in this title, as there is just one payline. The amount of paylines cannot be increased, because there is only one, and it cannot be decreased as there would be none left.

The result is a casino game that could not be easier to figure out, as there is even an actual line on the screen that shows where the items need to line up for a potential real money win to take place or a play money win if one is playing triple Double Diamond slot machine free play.   Special features: Those are waiting for you! It is safe to say that there are not nearly as many special features in this title than there are in other real big money slots, but the wild symbol in this slots game does make itself into a real special one throughout the game thanks to the impact it can have.

As mentioned previously, users can earn 1’000 times their initial wagers if three wilds end up along the game’s lone payline. And, of course, a wild symbol can swap out for any other symbols on the payline to form a winning combination. The wild also boosts the payouts of the outcomes that it does help influence in the event that a wild does turn into another symbol to facilitate a money winning spin.

When one wild is used to win real money on a spin, the Double Diamond slot machine payout is doubled for that spin. When two wilds are used to win money on a spin, the value of that spin is quadrupled. While this is not a bonus round or free spins progressive jackpot like users might find on newer five reel games at casinos, this is an excellent way to spice up a three reel effort without making things overly complicated.

  • 3 reels
  • 1 fixed payline
  • $100’000 max payout

How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings

Users are unable to change the number of paylines that are in play for this casino slots game, so the only thing that they can change is the amount they bet per spin.

Here, bets range from as low as $0.25 up to $100, leaving users with a nice range of bet options. Users can earn as much as $100’000 on a spin in this casino slots game, with the $100 maximum bet resulting in a potential six figure payout if a player can land all three wild symbols onto the lone payline.

The wilds in this classic Vegas slot offering are the only real bonus features that this online casino game has to offer. If three of them are aligned on the payline, a payout of 1’000 times the original bet amount will be made. If one or two of them factor into the equation, they will multiply any winnings that are earned.

While not a bonus in the traditional sense like free spins are, this is as much of a bonus as exists in this game when casinos have it available for play. The amount that users can wager and win does not change across casinos thanks to the fact that the developer of the game controls that rather than each individual entity that offers the game.

Double Diamond mobile: Playing on Android and iPhone

Online slots are so popular because of the fact that there are games that can fit the needs of countless users. And with the games being as versatile as they are, it would only make sense that users be free to access them in multiple ways as well.

In the case of the Double Diamond casino game, users can use their desktop devices to play, sure. But they can also use their mobile devices, with the free Double Diamond slots game being available to Android and iPhone users as well. With this slots game being produced by IGT, a group that is far from new when it comes to creating slots games, it is no surprise that they have figured out how to make sure that users can get to this casino slots game in a multitude of ways.

How exactly users can access this casino game on mobile depends on how each casino approaches mobile play. Some sites require the downloading of a specific mobile app, while others make good on the ability to play on a mobile version of a casino site. Either way, the options are plentiful and open up the potential for a new way to play.

IGT: One of the slots industry’s leaders

Players who take on the double diamond slot machine game can look forward to yet another strong offering from the IGT slot game developer. IGT is a name that casino users know well, due to the fact that they have been around since its beginnings in the 1950s.

That, of course, comes before the advent of the internet, but IGT has done much more than create online slot offerings for users to enjoy such as the double diamond casino game. They have done work in several forms of gambling, making life more interesting for users in a variety of disciplines.

They are also responsible for the Triple Double Diamond game, offering players Triple Double Diamond free slots play beyond what is available in this title. IGT has had a hand in physical slot machine game play design, including the triple double diamond slot machine, as well as things like lottery gambling throughout their history. From a slots perspective, users have come to expect quality that includes games like an extensive collection of Wheel of Fortune games, Lord of the Rings, Sex and the City, and several Jurassic Park games.

Clearly, with some of the biggest brands in entertainment being willing to throw their names behind the work of IGT, there is something to the notion that their slots are solid. A casino slots game like the double diamond deluxe slot machine game is no exception.


Most common questions to Double Diamond

What is the maximum winning of Double Diamond?

Users who place a max bet of $100, who are able to line up three wilds along the game’s lone payline will be free to receive the maximum payout of $100’000. Three wilds on the game’s lone payline yields a payout of a thousand times whatever the amount wagered for those spins are.

How many paylines does Double Diamond have?

Believe it or not, there is only one payline in this casino offering. With so many casinos emphasizing five reel games with free spins and other bells and whistles, it is hard to believe that something this simple yet this exciting to play is sometimes overlooked.

Is it safe to play Double Diamond?

Yes, players can feel free to be confident that they are safe to play this game free or for money without any worries about data security or other problems that might otherwise hinder the enjoyment of the action. Playing at trusted casinos is still recommended, however.

What is the Double Diamond slot RTP?

The RTP percentage for Double Diamond is a perfectly respectable 95.44%, which is meant to encompass a massive sample size of spins with results varying for individual users.

Can I play Double Diamond slots free on mobile?

While the original three reel slots that looked like this one were likely never thought to be portable, this game can be played on mobile devices for free spins or for real money.


When a slot is as dedicated to being old school as Double Diamond, it can be argued that it is hard for it to still be fun when compared to the fancy slots filling casinos. However, casino users should feel free to enjoy this casino slots game as it offers really straightforward gameplay combined with the potential for wilds that could vastly improve payouts across the one payline that is available.

Users who want to understand what they are looking at at all times should feel free to take on this classic Vegas slot, and do it today for a chance to win real money on their next spins. Don’t miss out on a chance to start your casino run today!

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