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How to play the Blood Suckers slot in 2023

How to play the Blood Suckers slot

How to play the Blood Suckers slot: Vampires are a common subject of slot titles, as they can be depicted in so many different ways that developers seemingly can’t keep them from featuring in their titles. NetEnt is no exception to this, as they have depicted vampires in their Blood Suckers slot offering.

However, with NetEnt being one of the best providers of video slot titles in the world, players can rest assured that this vampire title isn’t like everything else that they have seen in the genre. In this review of the Blood Suckers slot, players can learn all about how this video slot works and what players need to know before they start spinning the reels.

With five reels and up to 25 paylines to look forward to, players are able to customize their chances to win in some ways, which can lead to unique opportunities to earn a big payout. And nobody needs to receive a bite from a vampire to earn their winnings. Table of Content: What You Will Learn

  1. How to play the Blood Suckers slot
  2. How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings
  3. Blood Suckers Mobile: Playing on Android & iPhone
  4. NetEnt: An elite slots developer
  5. FAQ
  6. Conclusion

Knowing the symbols and paytable: Easy to bite into The Blood Suckers symbols that are included in this title are easy to understand, and are pretty creepy and interesting to look at. The Blood Suckers paytable is filled only with symbols that relate to the game, without any kind of filler symbols that could get in the way. Here is a list of the different symbols that exist along the course of the Blood Suckers online slot.

  • Wild symbol
  • Bonus symbol
  • Scatter symbol
  • Vampire symbols
  • Holy water
  • Bible and cross
  • Stake
  • Garlic

While the main attractions in this title come in the form of the special features that we will explain shortly, all of the symbols in this title are nicely designed. They are all drawn in incredible detail and do not rely on the more computerized graphics that have become commonplace in today’s online gaming environment.

The fact that this title is so visually appealing is a huge plus, as it makes an otherwise commonly used slot genre into something special. While the main goal of playing video online slot is to attempt to line up symbols in a way that generates funds, having something nice to look at along the way is a positive that not every title can boast the way this one can.

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Using the paylines: Luckily very easy

The simplicity of the paylines in this title is one of the biggest positives that comes with our Blood Suckers slot review. The Blood Suckers online slot has 25 paylines which are fixed, meaning that players cannot update or change the number of lines that are used on a spin to spin basis. Instead, players are only able to change the amount that they wager on each roll of the reels by changing the amount that they wager rather than by using the number of paylines as other titles allow.

Special features: Those are waiting for you!

When it comes to how to win the Blood Suckers slot, the presence of special items throughout the game are one of the high points of any Blood Suckers slot review. The presence of a bonus game is the biggest piece of the special items puzzle, as players can trigger a bonus game if they end up getting three or more bonus symbols to appear from left to right on a given spin.

Regardless of whether there are three, four, or five of these symbols lined up, only one bonus game can be triggered. Also worth triggering are free spins, which can be done thanks to the presence of the scatter symbol that can be obtained on every spin. If three or more of these symbols show up anywhere on the game’s five reels, 10 free spins are awarded.

One thing that is concerning is the fact that the number of spins does not increase as the number of scatters increases on the board. One might like to see five scatters result in more free spins than one with three scatters. But the presence of free spins at all is certainly an upgrade over the alternative.

How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings

Bet sizes vary greatly in this title, with wagers from $0.25 to $50 being doable on each individual spin. Bettors can change this before each and every spin, which is great for players whose Blood Suckers slot strategy is to vary their wager sizes with the goal of hitting big wins when they bet big. As far as the max win in this title is concerned, bettors can earn all the way up to $250’000 in a single spin.

In order to do that, a player would likely need to land a Blood Suckers slot bonus on a maximum bet. However, that could vary depending on what symbols show up each time the reels are rolled. The maximum that can be won from special items is also the $250’000 max win amount that is listed for a given spin. That is because the outcome of each special item is dependent on the results of the bonus round or the results of wilds and free spins.

Either way, there is plenty of potential for some huge winnings. One of the best parts of this title is the fact that players can expect the same payout amounts from site to site, as well as consistent bet sizing. That is because the developer is responsible for setting those amounts, rather than individual casinos doing so.

Blood Suckers Mobile: Playing on Android & iPhone

As online casinos continue to get more sophisticated, the presence of more casinos that accommodate mobile players is continuing to increase. Because of that, players are more likely than ever to be able to play their favorite casino games on iPhone and Android devices.

Fortunately, that means that players are often in a position where they can play Blood Suckers on their mobile devices as well. And in many cases, that is exactly what they are able to do. The developer for this title has made it so that their games are often available on mobile devices.

The big question for players is whether their preferred online casino is also equipped for mobile play. Most casinos do allow for mobile device access, either through a dedicated mobile app or through the use of a mobile version of the casino’s website.

Whatever the case may be, bettors are likely to be able to play Blood Suckers and a host of other NetEnt offerings wherever they are as long as they have access to the internet. And with the great display properties that most mobile devices have today, Blood Suckers is likely to look great on most mobile devices.

NetEnt: An elite slots developer

As players look to put their Blood Suckers slot strategy to good use, they can be confident that they are playing with one of the best developers in the entire world of video slots and gambling. NetEnt is one of the best names in the online slots and gambling industry, as they are responsible for many of the most popular titles in the casino gaming industry along with some of the more creative entries in the slots world as well.

Some of those entries include casino titles like Eggomatic, the Dead or Alive slot, Vikings, and Jumanji. With a diverse range of inspirations for their slot gaming titles, there aren’t many gambling developers doing anything on the level of NetEnt today. The biggest trademark of NetEnt games is their design superiority.

Titles from this casino developer are often beautiful to look at, with a range of 2D and 3D video slots that do a nice job of appealing to the sensitivities of a large group of people rather than everything looking the same.

Most NetEnt casino titles are also incredibly easy to understand and play within the framework of their creativity, making them even more enjoyable. For players interested in casino titles like Blood Suckers, there are plenty of other options created by this top tier developer that is among the best in gambling.


Most common questions to Blood Suckers

 How many bonus games does Blood Suckers have?

As far as the Blood Suckers slot bonus games list is concerned, there is only one bonus round to be found for players in this casino title. However, that should be sufficient for players who are hoping to trigger a bonus and increase their potential earnings as they play.

 What is the maximum winning of Blood Suckers?

The maximum that can be won in a single turn in the Blood Suckers title is a whopping $250’000. Given that the maximum bet that can be placed on a single turn in this title is $50, that is a rather impressive maximum win total. Higher stakes, of course, lead to bigger wins.

 How many paylines does Blood Suckers have?

There is a total of 25 paylines to be taken advantage of when they play Blood Suckers. These paylines are fixed, which means that players cannot change the amount that are in use during each turn. As a result, there is a minimum of $0.25 to wager per turn, which represents $0.01 per payline.

 Is it safe to play Blood Suckers?

Yes, it is safe to play Blood Suckers. Given that this title was developed by NetEnt, one of the most trusted names in the industry, there is no surprise that players can look forward to a game that is both easy to play and safe to play.

 What is the Blood Suckers slot RTP?

The Blood suckers slot RTP currently stands at 98%. This is relatively high compared to many other titles in the slots industry. With most titles falling somewhere in the 96% area, this is another marked positive to playing this title.


The fact that there are so many special items within the Blood Suckers online slot is a cause for celebration. Players can land on free spins, bonus rounds, and wilds that can make any turn far more interesting than the last. And with some incredible symbol designs to go along with those features, there is plenty to like for players who fire up this vampire-themed casino title. Don’t miss out on your chance to start playing Blood Suckers and other popular games. Get your bonus today and start your casino experience off properly.

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