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Black Diamond Slot Machine in 2023

How to play the Black Diamond Slot Machine

How to play the Black Diamond Slot Machine: The Black Diamond slots machine is a game that takes players back to the early days of slots play, thanks to its three reel design and old school bar and seven symbol action.

Fortunately for present day slots players, the Black Diamond slot machine online does have some modern twists to it, like the presence of a special symbol as well as nine paylines instead of the one that used to be commonplace in games that were like this in casinos back in the day.

In this Black Diamond slot machine review, players can find out how they can win Black Diamond casino free coins when playing Black Diamond free slots, with the potential to win a Black Diamond casino no deposit bonus depending on the casinos a player is using making for potential risk-free winnings. They can also learn how to get Black Diamond slot wins. One thing is for certain when playing this gambling title is that it is an improvement on the old school slots that it is paying tribute to.

Table of Content: What You Will Learn

  1. How to play the Black Diamond Slot Machine
  2. How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings
  3. Black Diamond slot mobile: Playing on Android & iPhone
  4. Everi: New to the online slots game
  5. FAQ
  6. Conclusion

How to play the Black Diamond Slot Machine

Knowing the symbols and paytable: Easy without too many symbols Just like the old machines that Black Diamond casino slots are based off of, this game features some simple to understand symbols that consist of bars, sevens, and the game’s logo.

The goal of the game is to match up like symbols, of course, with combinations of bars with other bars and combinations of sevens with other sevens resulting in a win even when they aren’t the exact same symbols. Here is a list of the symbols that players both new and experienced can expect from this game as they attempt to deposit some winnings into their accounts.

  • Black Diamond symbol
  • Triple seven symbol
  • Double seven symbol
  • Single seven symbol
  • Triple bar symbol
  • Double bar symbol
  • Single bar symbol

As you can see, there is nothing in this symbol list that is going to blow a player away, as these symbols are pretty basic and not exactly the most creative in the world of casinos and slot machine games. However, that simplicity is nice to some players, and Black Diamond might be just what they are looking for as a result.

The most lucrative symbol in this game is the Black Diamond logo symbol, which can pay out up to 5’000 credits in Black Diamond slots free oins in a win even when a max bet is not selected. In the event that a max bet is selected, though, players have a chance to claim the progressive jackpot.

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Using the paylines: Customizable without being confusing

While many gambling online casinos are seeing slot machines with fixed payline amounts moving toward being the norm, this title is not one of them. Players at Black Diamond have the chance to adjust the number of paylines that are in play during the game, as they range from one to nine.

Black Diamond slot machine winning depends largely on how well players can line symbols up on those paylines, and nine paylines gives players a better chance to do so. But players should also be ready to strike a balance between trying to use as many paylines as possible and not overspending on their spins.

Special features: Those are waiting for you!

There is a decent selection of special features that are up for grabs when players take on the Black Diamond slot machine online. Those who have watched those gambling on Black Diamond slot videos know that just because this game doesn’t have a ton of different symbols doesn’t mean that it can’t still be fun and interesting to players in their spins.

As a whole, this game has a couple of main features that are worth paying attention to. Those features are the progressive jackpot and the Black Diamond logo that can result in hefty payouts for gambling players throughout spins.

We will get back to the progressive jackpot, but the game logo is interesting in that it can appear on all three reels and is more valuable when it is lined up on the ninth payline than it is on the other eight during spins.

This is presumably an idea meant to keep players using all nine paylines during most spins, but there is a tangible reward for doing so given that three black diamonds on payline nine can cash the progressive jackpot. Elsewhere, there aren’t many features that make this game appealing in the special features sense, so players should know that they aren’t going to get a lot of bells and whistles compared to the other games that appear at casinos during spins.

Progressive jackpot: Try to trigger it!

One of the coolest things about this game is the presence of the progressive jackpot, which is triggered when three Black Diamond logos are lined up along the ninth payline along the game’s three reels. This jackpot can fluctuate in terms of how much it is worth depending on when it was last won. But the general consensus about this jackpot is the fact that it can get very high and that it is a worthwhile addition to this or any slot machines collection that appears at casinos on the web or elsewhere. It is, of course, triggered at random based on the outcome of the reels and must be won on a max bet.

  • 3 reels
  • 9 paylines
  • Progressive jackpot up for grabs

How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings

The positive thing about this game is the fact that players can adjust both the paylines and the amount they bet per line. Bets per line can range from $0.25 per line up to $5.00 per line, with the amount of paylines ranging from one to nine.

That means that bets can range from a quarter per line up to $45 per line. The max winnings for this title depend on what the progressive jackpot total is for the moment. It is said to top out at $80’000 for a single spin, with a player needing to hit three Black Diamond logos on the ninth payline when making a max bet in order to hit that amount of Black Diamond casino free chips.

The only real bonus feature in this game is the progressive jackpot, which means that players often won’t know what winnings they can get with the bonuses in this title. If the reels provide good luck on payline number nine, though, there are winnings to be had. Fortunately for slots players who like to play at numerous casinos, the amount of stakes and winnings do not change across those casinos. That consistency is a big plus for players who like to use new sites from time to time.

Black Diamond slot mobile: Playing on Android & iPhone

Slot players today are in a great place, given all of the advancements that have come to the casino industry over the years. And one of the areas where those advancements have helped casino players has been with the increased availability of games that can be played on smartphones such as Android and iPhone devices.

The Black Diamond casino slots can be played on mobile devices as well, either through a Black Diamond casino app or through the mobile version of casino sites that offer the ability for players to access the game through their mobile browser. There are different schools of thought as to which method players should use.

On one hand, a casino app is made specifically for the device that it is being used on. However, using an app requires players to perform a new app download and free up new space on their device to keep the app. The mobile browser option might not be as device specific, but it also doesn’t require any downloads. Both options do work for Black Diamond, though, which is all that matters when it comes to enjoying this title on the go.

Everi: New to the online slots game

There are so many online casino brands out there that it is hard to believe that some of the new slots brands out there could ever break through in such a crowded landscape. But Everi launched in 2015, and has been doing a good job of cutting through all of the clutter as they have built a reputation for themselves as a formidable brand in just a few short years.

They don’t have a huge portolio of games yet, but games like Beerfest, Great Tiger, Smokin’ Hot Gems, and Jackpot Inferno have left quite the impression despite the fact that they have less experience than their competitors. Of course, the Black Diamond slot machine game is another reason for their strong reputation. What is good about Everi so far is the fact that they have been willing to create many different types of slot games.

From The five-reel games that have become synonymous with the industry today to some old-school games that give off a feel from years past, Everi hasn’t put themselves into a box in terms of what kinds of games they are able to put out there for their players. The results of that decisions can only be positive for both the company and its players.


Most common questions to Black Diamond

 How many bonus games does Black Diamond have?

This slot title doesn’t have any bonus games to speak of, as the progressive jackpot is the only special feature and big win that it contains. With that said, the progressive jackpot is a quality special feature and should not be looked down on because of its potential for a big win.

 What is the maximum winning of Black Diamond?

On a single spin, the most that can be won in this game is $80’000 in one big win. While this is not as big a win as other games offer in Vegas and elsewhere, this title also does not have as high a max bet for players to do their gambling with either.

 How many paylines does Black Diamond have?

Across the casinos that offer it, Black Diamond has anywhere from one to nine paylines. Players are able to customize the number of paylines that they use on each spin, which is a huge benefit.

 Is it safe to play the Black Diamond slot machines?

Absolutely, playing this title is completely safe. Thanks to the game coming from a trusted source and being hosted by trusted Vegas casino brands, players can feel confident playing this game so long as they are sure to vet their casino choice.

 How high is the Black Diamond RTP?

The Black Diamond slot RTP stands at a respectable 95.95%, over a lengthy sample size that factors in each big win.


While Black Diamond is a title that won’t necessarily impress players who are looking for the most sophisticated Vegas-style game out there, it will do plenty to get fans of old school Vegas slots excited. And with the answer to the question of how does the Black Diamond slot work now answered, players both old and new can get excited about their shot to win the progressive jackpot that this title has to offer.

Don’t wait any longer and risk missing your chance at the jackpot. Start playing Black Diamond today and hope that your luck on payline nine can help you be the big winner. Check out the above casinos to get started today


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