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Melon Madness 2023

How to play Melon Madness

How to play Melon Madness: Fruit is unquestionably delicious, with people around the world enjoying different fruits that are local to their people. Also delicious is the taste of victory, as players in slots and other games are always glad to come out on top of whatever they are doing. And in a game like Melon Madness, players can enjoy both of those things at the same time as they attempt to win by lining up fruits in specific ways as they play.

In this review of the Melon Madness slot, players can find out everything they need to know about how to play this Bwin Party video slot game. That includes how to win at Melon Madness, what kinds of bet can be made from spin to spin and ways to give players the best chance to earn as much as possible when they take to the reels in this offering that is similar to an old-school fruit machine with modern twists that make it as unique as can be.

Table of Content: What You Will Learn

  1. How to play Melon Madness
  2. How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings
  3. Melon Madness mobile: Playing on Android & iPhone
  4. Bwin Party: Lesser known, but still strong
  5. FAQ
  6. Conclusion

How to play Melon Madness

Knowing the symbols and paytable: No strain required

One of the great things about this slot and the Melon Madness Deluxe slot is the fact that there is no Melon Madness strain related to understanding the symbols involved. Just like the old fruit machines from years past, this slot game features symbols that are largely fruit along with the bells and seven symbols that were typical of those titles. The difference, of course, is the fact that there are some features in this slot that more retro offerings do not. Here is a list of symbols that are up for grabs in this slot game.

  • Bell – scatter
  • Melon Madness logo – wild
  • Melons
  • Cherries
  • Grapes
  • Oranges
  • Pears

Don’t be alarmed by the quantity of symbols in this slot game, as there are plenty of exciting things that can happen on each spin that keep things interesting for players. The things to watch out for in this slot game, of course, are the scatter and wild symbols that can lead to some of the more exciting outcomes in the game as a whole. But that is just the beginning of the excitement that players of Melon Madness can look forward to, as we will get into what else they can look forward to shortly in this review.

Using the paylines: No madness required

The paylines in Melon Madness are simple to understand, as players are free to adjust the number of lines that they use across the game’s five reels on a spin to spin basis. Players are free to choose anywhere between one and 30 paylines on each spin. This means that they can adjust the amount of lines that are in play as well as the amount that is bet on each of those lines. This creates a nice level of customization for each spin, as opposed to other titles that use a fixed payline system.

Special features: Those are waiting for you!

There are some special features that players can take advantage of in this slot that make this a unique slots experience. The first of those are the scatter, which takes the form of a bell in this slot. These symbols simply award payouts to players based on the amount of bell symbols that show up on the game’s five reels. Two or more bells leads to a win, with five bells paying out the maximum of 50x. They are said to be able to trigger a bonus round as well.

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The Melon Madness wild symbols are able to substitute for any on the board with the exception of the scatters as well, which is a solid way to create winning combinations throughout the reels. But that is far less exciting than the potential for free spins, which are also sometimes available through the bell scatter symbols that pop up throughout the game. The bells will occasionally have a number of free spins listed on top of them, which allow players to rack up chances for additional winnings on those free spins without having to make an additional bet. And perhaps the most impressive feature of all is the cash progressive jackpot.

Progressive jackpot: Try to trigger it!

There is a cash progressive jackpot that is up for grabs in this slot, however, it should be noted that the way it is triggered is a little strange. The game awards the progressive jackpot at random rather than the typical maneuver of triggering a bonus round where players can then win said cash jackpot. The jackpot is broken out into a few levels ranging from the small to massive, which can be won depending on a player’s bet size. This is a nice extra perk for those looking to earn themselves a remarkable payout when hitting the online slots.

  • 5 reels
  • 30 paylines
  • Free spins and bonus rounds
  • Progressive jackpots up for grabs
  • How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings
  • Bet sizes can vary in this game from a penny per payline up to $0.50 per payline, which means that bet sizes in this game can range from $0.30 per spinall the way up to $15.00. That isn’t the most expensive max bet by any stretch of the imagination, which is great for low-stakes players.
  • The maximum win that can be had in this slot is variable, as it comes from the biggest progressive jackpot. That win amount of the cash jackpots increases as more money is put into the game by players without the jackpot being hit.
  • As far as special features are concerned, their winnings can also vary depending on the number of free spins that come out. Other factors that can impact the winnings from special features are the amount bet on each spin and what symbols accompany adjacent wilds.
  • One great thing about this slot is the fact that players can expect the same win amounts and bet amounts no matter what casino they use. This is because the developer of the game controls those amounts rather than each individual casino, for enhanced consistency across a number of sites.
  • Melon Madness mobile: Playing on Android & iPhone
  • It is difficult to understate the importance of being able to play casino games while on the go. Most online casinos deliver a strong experience on desktop devices, but the ability to give players that same experience on mobile is less common. Fortunately, players are able to play titles like Melon Madness on mobile devices as long as they are somewhere with internet access or cellular coverage, as this title was designed to be able to be played on Android and iPhone devices as well as the typical desktop options.
  • How these games can be accessed depends on the protocol of each individual casino. Some sites offer games that can be accessed via a mobile version of the casino’s website. And the other option is to access games like this one via mobile casino apps. Both of these options have their positives and negatives, and which option is best largely comes down to the experiences that are offered by each individual site. Device compatibility and other factors are also important, and players should look into them before choosing a place to play this title or any other game at an online casino.

Bwin Party: Lesser known, but still strong

When people think of the top casino game developers, they probably don’t think much of Bwin Party. After all, Bwin is more of a wagering site brand than they are a game development brand. However, they are plenty formidable in their own right, and have proven that with the development of games like this one. While they aren’t a powerhouse in terms of graphics, as one can see with this video slots title, they know this industry inside and out and have found a way to produce plenty of quality for players looking for just that, rewarding them with free spins and cash jackpots.

This developer got started in 1997 and is based out of Austria, despite Bwin being known more as a sportsbook than a casino provider. In addition to Melon Madness, they have made games such as Snow Business and California Gold. However, this entity does not have nearly the same depth as other developers in the casino games space. Either way, the quality over quantity approach is more than acceptable as players have grown to play the video slots titles that are on offer from this maker of games that may fly under the radar but are still worth taking a look at.


Most common questions to Melon Madness

How many bonus games does Melon Madness have?

There is said to be one bonus round that is up for grabs in this title. It is able to be triggered by the game’s scatter symbol, which is the bell. There is also a progressive jackpot up for grabs, which is important despite not being a bonus round as cash jackpots are responsible for the top prize. There are also free spins up for grabs.

What is the maximum winning of Melon Madness?

There is no set maximum win amount in Melon Madness, thanks to the fact that there is a progressive jackpot involved. The max win amount can of cash jackpots increase or decrease depending on when the jackpot was last won by another player.

How many paylines does Melon Madness have?

There are as many as 30 paylines that can be used in this title, with the amount of lines being adjustable. Players can use anywhere from one to 30 lines per spin.

Is it safe to play Melon Madness?

Yes, it is safe to play Melon Madness. Bwin is one of the most respected online wagering brands in the world, and this title being under their umbrella should add some peace of mind to enjoying it.

What is the Melon Madness RTP?

The Melon Madness RTP is a very underwhelming 92.89%. When compared to other slot titles, this is disappointing as most titles are up around 96% when it comes to this potential win metric.


Taking a look at Melon Madness, it’s unlikely that a player will be blown away by any individual component of this video slots title. But there are a lot of good things there that players should enjoy, making this a perfectly good addition to the games library of any casino player. With a progressive jackpot and free spins available, it could also be a very lucrative option for slots players to choose at their preferred casino site. And players shouldn’t miss out on this quality. Be sure to check out the above casinos to start your casino experience with Melon Madness.

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