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How to play Celestial King Slots in 2023

How to play Celestial King Slots

How to play Celestial King Slots: Throughout history, many people have looked to the stars for guidance, and what better entity than to deliver that guidance than a celestial king.

In the Celestial King Slot Game, Players can look to take on the five reels and 30 fixed paylines that this new looking casino slot machine has to offer to look for their gambling blessings from the celestial king in the form of new gambling bonuses that would be a great haul at casinos no matter where a player was.

In this new Celestial King slot review, players can find out everything that they need to know about this game to give themselves the best chance to win. While they are doing that, they can find out what special features, bonuses, and free spins are up for grabs throughout their run-ins with the celestial king and the other symbols that inhabit this casino slot machine by WMS Gaming, as they hope to their lucky stars free for some slots winnings to deposit into their accounts. Table of Content: What You Will Learn

  1. How to play Celestial King Slots
  2. How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings
  3. Celestial King mobile: Playing on Android and iPhone
  4. WMS Gaming: A worthwhile slot developer
  5. Conclusion

Knowing the symbols and paytable: No need to look to the stars The symbols that accompany this slots game are easy to understand, and well drawn as the game centers around a monkey in a Chinese city that is regarded as the Celestial King. There are symbols that are mundane in this game, sure, but the highlights are the jackpot wild, bonus, and scatter symbols that really kick things into high gear. Here is a list of the symbols that are up for grabs in this fascinating slot title.

  • Jackpot wild
  • Bonus
  • Scatter
  • Regular wild
  • Priestess
  • Pig
  • Medal
  • Coin
  • Lotus
  • Card value symbols

There are a lot of symbols that are free to be had here, which makes each spin and each bet all the more interesting. The amount of symbols might make it hard to keep track of everything that is going on, but slots players should feel free to remember that there is a paytable available inside of the game that should allow any confusion to be sorted out in a hurry.

Astute slot enthusiasts will notice that there are two different wild symbols that are up for grabs. The jackpot wild has the potential to trigger the progressive jackpot, while the regular wild does not have that same ability. Either way, there are chances galore for players to come up with big wins.

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Using the paylines: Fixed and simple

There is often some debate as to whether or not games should used fixed paylines. But in terms of the Celestial King slot machine game, the 30 paylines are in fact fixed from start to finish. That means that there is no ability to adjust how many paylines are in play from one spin to the next. But it also means that there doesn’t have to be any strategic thinking about how many lines are going to be utilized from one roll of the reels to the next either. This remains a matter of preference for slot players.

Special features: These are waiting for you!

Celestial King users do have some special features that they can look forward to, with one of those features being the bonus symbols that award eight free spins as a scatter symbol. Three or more of those symbols triggers the eight free spins.

And while players would like to see a higher number of spins awarded based on the number of scatters that appear, this is still a nice way to deposit some extra winnings into your bankroll without having to take on any additional risk. Then there is the Celestial King respin feature, which is triggered by five scatters being shown on a single spin.

An alternate set of reels is used for this bonus, which has the potential to be incredibly lucrative given that the screen is filled up with scatters and characters without the continued presence of the filler symbols to get in the way of the game. The ultimate goal is to fill the screen with the blue scatter symbol in this brief game mode.

These features combined with the traditional wild symbol give players several opportunities to make money, with the answer to the question of how to win the Celestial King slot machine hinging on how often these bonuses are triggered.

  • 5 reels
  • 30 fixed paylines
  • Free spin possibilities
  • Quarter million dollar max payout

How to get the most out of your stakes and winnings

Given that the paylines in this game are fixed, the only way that the bet amount can be adjusted is to change the amount on the right hand side of the screen.

The range for that bet amount is anywhere from $0.50 all the way up to $80, which means that there is plenty of room for both high-risk and low-risk bettors to fit in with this game Players can earn up to $250’000 on a single win when they play Celestial King, which is great for a game with a max bet in the double digits. The winnings that are available with bonus features depend largely on how much was wagered on that individual spin.

Those who risk the maximum amount can see upwards of $250’000 between the progressive jackpot and other features. Unless a bettor changes their preferences and changes the amount that they want to bet themselves, it is unlikely that the stakes and winnings for this game will change across casinos. The developer of these games would presumably like bettors to enjoy consistency across all platforms.

Celestial King mobile: Playing on Android and iPhone

Mobile gaming is the future of all gaming related industries, and the future is already now judging by the fact that players can access online slots via their mobile devices. The Celestial King slot is no exception to that rule, as players are able to enjoy the Celestial King slot game wherever they are on their smartphones.

Android and iPhone players are especially well accommodated thanks to the presence of so many different mobile apps through each platform’s app stores. On Android that means the Google Play store, while iPhone users are able to take advantage of the Apple App Store to get what they are looking for. As an alternative, players of the Celestial King slot machine game can avoid apps altogether. Instead, they can go to a mobile browser and play at a casino’s mobile site.

This is beneficial to some players, as it allows players to avoid having to download an app and keep the memory on their device tied up. Whichever method is chosen, though, players should be excited about the fact that they will be able to play the new or old games that they like, including this one, on a screen that is scaled to fit the device of their choice.

WMS Gaming: A worthwhile slot developer

WMS Gaming didn’t spend too much time in the online casino real money industry before becoming owned by Scientific Games Corporation in 2013, but they made the most of the time that they did put into the industry. They were formed in the mid-1990s, and made their impact on the casino and slots industries by putting out some titles that were definitely worth the attention of casino players at the time.

Their portfolio of games includes the Celestial King slot machine game, of course, but it also features Bruce Lee games, Monopoly, Zeus, and Tetris. They offer a nice combination of licensed titles and original titles, both of which have proven to be fun for players. One of the benefits to playing a WMS slot is the fact that their games are typically slot focused above everything else.

Whereas plenty of game developers are involved in both slots as well as other forms of gaming, this company’s primary focus has been the online slot gambling sector, which shows in the quality that they have put forward throughout their time making these games. The bulk of the business that WMS does is in the United States, which makes them a perfect fit for so many of the online casinos that operate there.

Top casinos with WMS games

Thanks to their popularity in America, players likely want to know where they can find slot games from this developer in the US. Fortunately, there are some options that they can choose from, such as the more noteworthy casino sites that are on the list below that carry WMS Gaming products.


Any game with a progressive jackpot is always going to have an advantage over the games that don’t have them. In the case of Celestial King, the progressive jackpot and all of the symbols that go along with it do a nice job of making every spin feel like it is incredibly important.

That is a feeling that is sometimes lacking from other slot games, so kudos to this one for getting it right. And players can feel that sense of importance for themselves. Don’t waste another second, and check out Celestial King for yourself today. Choose from the casinos above to start your casino journey now.

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