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Bahrain Online Gambling

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Bahrain Online Gambling

Bahrain Online Gambling: In the Gulf of Arabia, Bahrain is a small island nation not far from Iran and Qatar. Like its neighbors, it is primarily an Islamic nation, but there are significant Christian and Hindu minorities as well. Despite relying heavily on oil for its economy, the country has positioned itself as a major financial and banking center in the region.

The country’s Muslim heritage dictates gambling policy, however. It does not have casinos, sports betting, or lotteries. The government has not indicated that resorts will be built here in the near future, despite the country’s general openness to tourism.



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No Online Play Allowed, But Sites Available

Gambling is prohibited throughout Bahrain, so it is no surprise that Internet gaming sites are not allowed either. The government doesn’t welcome foreign operators, either, since there is no licensing system. Although filtering methods appear minimally effective, there is an effort to prevent residents from accessing such sites.

Bahraini citizens have plenty of options to gamble online since this attempt to block sites hasn’t been very effective. Several casino sites based in other countries offer their games here, and since gambling within one’s home is rarely subject to any consequence, plenty of people sign up and play real money slots, poker, and other games.

Nevertheless, since this is an unregulated jurisdiction, you won’t find too many games from companies that aspire to obtain licenses elsewhere. Instead, you’ll see more privately-owned firms working here, just as they do in many of the world’s “grey markets.” In spite of the fact that it sounds a bit shady, a lot of these companies have been in business for more than a decade and have created millions of satisfied customers throughout the world. Online casinos in Bahrain use software from the following developers:

  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • Betsoft
  • Rival
  • Realtime Gaming
  • Topgame

Mood for Change, But Not In Gaming

The Arab Spring revolution has caused significant upheaval in Bahrain as in many other parts of the Arab world. Bahrain’s 2011 protest movement, known as the Bahraini Uprising, saw many calling for more political freedom, with some even calling for the end of the ruling monarchy. Despite a reduction in tensions since then, protests still occur occasionally, and some consider the uprising to continue.

Bahrain is facing a serious prospect of change, and many important issues are playing out here that may affect Bahrainis’ everyday lives. Despite its low importance, gambling is what we’re focusing on here, so let’s examine this question: could political change in Bahrain lead to the introduction of legalized gambling?

Such a change seems possible here on the surface. Despite being a conservative Islamic nation, this nation’s tourism industry is not as strong as in Saudi Arabia or Iran. With calls for change, opening a foreigners-only casino to raise revenue, or perhaps a national lottery, doesn’t seem impossible.

Our prediction is that this won’t happen in the near future. Our research revealed that Bahrain is not known for underground or illegal gambling. There must, however, be some interest in betting here (as there is everywhere else), so it does not necessarily mean it isn’t happening. However, there does not seem to be a groundswell of interest in the practice, so any future government would have little incentive to support legalization.

Bahrain’s online gambling situation is certainly worth watching, and a change can be expected here: attracting tourists by offering foreigners-only casinos, for example, seems like a realistic proposal someday. However, we do not see a clear path to regulate gaming in the next few years.